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10 Steps to Choose Hydraulic Plate Punching Machine

Oct. 24, 2019

CNC hydraulic punching machine, also known as CNC connecting plate punching machine, is mainly used for the transmission and transformation of electric towers, the processing of connecting plates in communication towers or steel structures. First, the punching force of the hydraulic punching machine is selected according to the size, thickness, and the like of the workpiece to be processed. Each hydraulic plate punching machine has a certain limit on the size of the workpiece to be processed due to the limited influence.

Hydraulic Plate Punching Machine

Here are 10 steps to help you purchase the perfect CNC hydraulic punching machine:

1: The direct effect of the concentricity of the upper and lower modes is the quality of the punched holes, that is, the verticality of the holes.

2: The life of the press material, the pressure plate will be deformed or broken during multiple working processes.

3: The life of the platform ball is not easy to replace or it is not easy to install.

4: Whether the pre-tightening force of the lead screw is suitable. If the motor is too tight, it will be more difficult to accelerate the aging of the motor. Too loose will easily lead to the deviation of the hole distance.

5: Whether the X and Y rails are absolutely vertical, this will directly affect the position of the control in the board, and determine the geometric accuracy of the equipment.

6: Whether the connection between the cylinder and the magnetic switch is reliable, directly affects the stability of the device.

7: Whether the hydraulic pump flow meets the requirements of punching speed.

8: Whether the hydraulic structure is reasonable, this directly affects the oil temperature and the power consumption of the equipment.

9: Whether the hydraulic axial direction is smooth, whether the running pipe is beautiful, whether the pipe diameter meets the demand.

10: Whether the mechanical structure of the whole machine is reasonable, avoiding the short board interval.

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