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Common Faulty of CNC Drilling Machine

Mar. 20, 2019

CNC drilling machine such as Hydraulic Drilling Machine mainly consists of drilling machine body, nc system and servo drive, which also determines that the fault mainly occurs in these three parts. Common fault types of CNC drilling machine mainly include:

1, drilling machine maybe come from Plate Drilling Machine Supplier numerical control system software fault. Software faults are mainly divided into application software faults and system software faults, and their main characteristics are:

Application software fault: mainly caused by human input error, with a certain degree of contingency and randomness.

System software failure: inherent failure due to design reasons.

Software fault is a common and easy to occur and low cost of repair, so the repair should first check whether it is a software fault.

2. NC servo motor failure. It is mainly divided into control part fault and drive motor fault, and its main characteristics are:

Control failure: failure caused mainly by overload or poor heat dissipation.

Driving motor fault: due to the poor working environment of the equipment, the driving motor is prone to pollution, corrosion, wear or burn out.

3. Hardware failure of numerical control system. It can be divided into permanent fault, intermittent fault and marginal fault.

4, mechanical wear failure. CNC drilling machine in the use of the process, due to the relative movement of friction, the movement of the surface of each other scraping, grinding, coupled with chemical erosion, resulting in wear parts.

5, CNC system interference fault. Mainly divided into internal interference and external interference, its main characteristics:

External interference: usually with the work site and work environment and show different characteristics, there is a strong contingency and randomness.

Internal interference: due to improper processing of system process, structure, circuit design, power supply and ground wire or changes in component performance, it presents strong contingency and randomness.

Common Faulty of CNC Drilling Machine

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