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The Operation Of CNC Drilling Machine Attention

Mar. 30, 2019

1. CNC drilling machine such as Angle Drilling Machine,make sure before work carefully check the CNC drilling machine grid voltage, oil pump, lubrication, oil is normal, check the pressure, cooling, oil pipe, tool, jig is intact, and complete the regular maintenance of the machine tool.

2. CNC drilling machine power start, first mechanical zero operation, and then test run for 5 minutes, confirm that the machinery, tools, fixtures, workpieces, CNC parameters are correct, before starting normal work.


3. Carefully check the nc drilling machine programming, parameter setting, action sequencing, tool interference, workpiece clamping, switch protection and other links are completely correct, so as to avoid the cycle processing caused by accidents, damage to the tool and related parts. Strictly according to the operating process of the test cut on the knife, after the completion of debugging to do a good job in program protection.

4. CNC Cold Bending Machine for Angle automatic cycle processing, should close the protective door, in the spindle rotation at the same time need to carry out manual operation, must make their own body and clothing away from the CNC drilling machine rotation and moving parts, so as to avoid clothing involved in the accident.

5. CNC drilling machine spindle or tool tower tool library tool loading operation must be in the CNC drilling machine movement stop state, and pay attention to the cooperation and cooperation between personnel, so as to avoid accidents. When changing the knife in hand or automatically, pay attention to the position of the knife tower, knife library, the rotation of the mechanical arm and the installation of the knife, and keep the body and head away from the rotating part of the knife to avoid injury. For nc drilling machine, we should also pay attention to check the corresponding relationship between the tool set number and the tool number in the tool store, so as to prevent tool changing interference or machining collision accident caused by the confusion of tool number in the tool store.

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