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Application Of CNC Drilling Machine In Tube Sheet Processing

Jan. 09, 2020

China CNC drilling machine manufacturer share for you:

1. Tube sheet processing technology

Tube sheet is widely used in petrochemical, boiler, refrigeration, steam turbine and other industries, and tube sheet processing is an important process in the manufacture of heat exchangers and occupies a very important position in the production of heat exchangers. The accuracy of tube sheet processing, especially tube hole spacing and tube diameter tolerance, perpendicularity, and finish all greatly affect the assembly and use performance of the heat exchanger. With the increase in the size of chemical equipment and power stations, the diameter of heat exchangers has become larger and larger, and tube sheets with diameters of 4m to 5m are common, and some have diameters of about 7m. Large tubesheets are characterized by a large number of tube holes, dense, small hole diameter, deep, high accuracy and finish requirements, which puts high demands on the processing of tubesheets.

Tubesheets Drilling Machine

Tubesheets Drilling Machine

2.Traditional tube sheet processing methods

Although the processing technology of each manufacturer is slightly different, in general, nothing more than scribe (because the line drawn is grid-like, called grid lines), proof the punch point, and use a small drill to drill small holes Then, formally drill the hole. If the hole wall finish is high, ream the hole, and finally chamfer. Analyze this set of procedures. Let's talk about scribing first. If it is a standard tube sheet (honeycomb), it is better to say that if the graphics are complicated, scribing is very troublesome. Besides drilling, the operator drills with a rocker drill, adjusts the rocker's positioning, then drops the drill bit, and then raises the drill to readjust the rocker's positioning. There are several actions required to drill a hole. low efficiency. All in all, the traditional tube sheet processing method has low accuracy, time-consuming and labor-intensive, making tube sheet processing a bottleneck in the entire production process. When talking about tube sheet processing, people frown.

3.Advanced tube sheet processing methods

In fact, one of the main problems restricting tube sheet processing is equipment. In traditional tube sheet processing, radial drill is the main equipment. Due to its manual operation characteristics, the operation method is relatively fixed and it is difficult to tap the potential. Although the efficiency can be improved by using drilling dies and other methods, the fundamental problem cannot be solved. Only by finding a solution from the equipment can the problem be solved fundamentally. Multi-axis CNC drilling machines have been widely used in pipe hole processing abroad. Instead of using radial drills, CNC plane drilling machines can replace manual scribing and drilling, which can greatly improve processing accuracy and efficiency. In recent years, China has also started to localize this type of drilling machine, but the products of most manufacturers have a small bed (2m ~ 3m) and few spindles (one or two). Cannot process large tube sheets. Cannot completely replace imported products. Therefore, for large tube sheets (more than 7m) that require high processing accuracy, they can only be processed abroad. Imported CNC machine tools are expensive, have long installation cycles, and are not easy to maintain, which may not be suitable for China's national conditions. There is an urgent need for domestic machine tool manufacturers to produce ultra-large CNC drilling machines to meet the needs of tube sheet processing manufacturers.

4, the specific use of the tube plate drilling machine

The drilling machine adopts PC (computer) + CNC (numerical control unit) + PLC (programmable controller) control mode. Enter the CAD drawing of the tube sheet in the PC, and then convert it into a DXF file. Then run the PC software developed by Runchao Intelligent, open this DXF file, enter the reference point coordinates of the workpiece, and automatically generate the part program and part program information. . The part program is generated by the machine, which avoids the error-prone situation of manually programming the part program. Then, through the communication software WINDNC between the PC and CNC, the part program is transferred to the CNC, and then the part program is called out from the CNC for processing.

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The correct selection of tubesheets drilling machine for tubesheet processing is the only way to improve processing accuracy and production efficiency. The early use of ultra-large CNC drilling machines has positive significance for improving product quality, increasing the technological content of products, increasing the competitiveness of enterprises, and training CNC application talents.

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