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Celebrate National Day

Sep. 30, 2019

Celebrate National Day

70 years, with a flick of a finger,

70 years, the profound changes!

From 1949 to 2019,

In 70 years, we have been working hard to precipitate,

Conceived in contribution,

Brilliant in the march!

One step at a time,

Have suffered from the weather and suffered humiliation;

Also created brilliant...

With the spirit of never giving up,

Written the glorious history of our Chinese nation!

Magnificent 70 years,

Struggle for a new era!

70 years of great history,

70 years of brilliant achievements!

All staff of the FAST CNC MACHINERY CO., LTD wish the motherland prosperity, and will progress with the times, not forgetting the initial heart, and moving forward!

Celebrate National Day

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