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The reason why the CNC Angle machine swings back and forth

May. 09, 2019

The reason why the CNC Angle machine swings back and forth

Used for many years of CNC Angle steel production line,such as the CNC High-Speed Angle Drilling Machine, into the car has not encountered stopped there, back and forth vibration phenomenon? So, what is the cause of the Angle wire CNC car swinging back and forth?

1, the car drive big gear shaft wear serious, big gear and rack meshing clearance is too big, adjust the gap between the gear shaft and rack.

2, fixed gear shaft semicircular fixed parts, the inside is too dirty, kerosene clean.

The phenomenon of car swing back and forth, then need to replace the big gear shaft, after all, 24 hours of non-stop work, wear is also very large, by eccentric bearing adjustment has not been able to compensate for the clearance.

CNC High-Speed Angle Drilling Machine

3, there is another phenomenon, small partners to pay attention to, is that after each Angle steel, Angle wire car clamp will automatically exit the host, and then lift, and then back to the feeding position. But sometimes, the phenomenon of the clamp lifted back not, generally speaking this kind of question you want to see first clamp up and down is fast, the impact is very big, this will make the car to follow up and down movement, shaking and lost its original stop position, and the precision is beyond the scope of value, so the next instruction is unable to perform, CNC CNC Angle line car cannot continue running.

The simplest solution is to enlarge the positioning accuracy of the X-axis in the parameters a little bit, even if the CNC Angle steel production line car shaking also did not exceed the accuracy range, then continue to retreat is smooth.

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