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New system of CNC automatic punching machine improves work efficiency

May. 06, 2019

Automatic punching processing line in the processing industry demand is more and more strong, for the value of machine tool applicability, universality and professional requirements are also more and more high. As a fully automatic punching machine manufacturer know that technical innovation and focus in the peer competition is particularly important.

For the automatic punching machine itself, CNC system is the main component, CNC system hardware has a variety of different components and configuration, and then install different monitoring software, you can control different machine tools or equipment, so that the CNC system has different functions. However, the CNC on the market now need to be artificial according to the standard process for the workpiece, and then USB transmission to the CNC system to make the machine tool to do the corresponding action and monitoring.

Semi-Automatic CNC Hydraulic Punching And Marking Machine For Angle Model YC160

In consideration of the continuity of machine tool movement and machining efficiency, the company has independently developed a new type of CNC system for automatic punching machine. The main function of its improvement is that as long as there is a CAD drawing file of workpiece processing, it can be directly imported into the nc system center to automatically generate the program, which reduces the requirement for the professional degree of the operator and shortens the time of the whole production process. This can meet the industry's efficient, precise and convenient processing requirements for the automatic punching machine.

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