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New technology of CNC drilling machine

Apr. 28, 2019

New technology of CNC drilling machine

CNC Heating Bending Machine for Plate Exporter shares that in the rapid development of science and technology today, the way of mechanical processing is various, but as a hole processing or maintain its huge basic status. From the point of view of the tool used, from the beginning of the ordinary twist drill to today's carbide handle blade, from low pressure cold to high pressure cold inside, from 300-500 revolution of low speed to 6000 or even faster high speed, from the conventional CNC machining center to customized special CNC machine tools, all marks the CNC industry in the rapid development.

For a long time, the specificity of machine tools has been the advantage of standard machining. But also be a difficult problem that perplexes processing unit. Especially large and medium-sized equipment, because can not use more than one machine, equipment utilization is limited, repeated investment is more serious. In recent years, the rise of high speed CNC machining center, to a large extent, solves the problems of multi-usage, and high machining accuracy, but the technology and products imported and penchant for millions of millions of huge investment, the existence of these problems, has seriously affected the efficiency of high speed CNC machinery manufacturing industry, combined with a downward pressure on economic increase in recent years, a lot of mechanical processing enterprises, led to a lot of this type in our country enterprise in the device's high-end equipment to put on a big.

In addition to the huge investment, the universal machining center also has the problem that the processing scope cannot cover all the workpieces used by the unit. Jinan CNC technology to recognize engineer found in visiting customers, some enterprises small workpiece, processing complex, there are a large part of the unit, the workpiece size is big, but the process requires a single, simple point is common drilling, complex is drilling, tapping, chamfering, slot milling, milling flat, still exist complex milling face again or boring.

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