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[CNC machine supplier]How to improve the precision of CNC machine tools?(part 1)

May. 31, 2019

How to improve the precision of CNC machine tools?

CNC Drilling Machine manufacturer China  shares that with the rapid development of China's economy, CNC machine tools, as a new generation of working mother machine, have been widely used in mechanical manufacturing, the rapid development of precision machining technology and the continuous improvement of parts processing precision, CNC machine tools also put forward higher precision requirements. Although users in the purchase of CNC machine tools, are very important in the location of machine tools, especially the positioning accuracy of each axis and repeated positioning accuracy. But the accuracy of these CNC machine tools in use exactly how? A large number of statistics show that: 65.7% of the new machine tools, the installation does not meet its technical indicators; 90% of the CNC machine tools in use are out of alignment. Therefore, it is very necessary to monitor the working state of the machine and to test the accuracy of the machine, so as to find and solve problems in time and improve the machining accuracy of parts.

At present, the position accuracy of CNC machine tools is usually tested by international standard iso230-2 or national standard gb10931-89. The same machine tool, due to the use of different standards, the accuracy of the position is not the same, so in the selection of CNC machine tool precision index, also pay attention to the standard it USES. The position standard of nc machine tool usually refers to the reverse deviation and positioning accuracy of each nc axis. The measurement and compensation of these two are necessary ways to improve machining accuracy.

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1. Reverse deviation

On nc machine tools, because each coordinate axis feed drive chain drive components (such as servo motor, servo motor and stepper motor, etc.) of the reverse dead zone, the mechanical movement transmission vice reverse clearance error exist, such as to cause the axis by the forward motion into reverse movement formed the reverse bias, usually also called reverse clearance or lost momentum. For the CNC machine tool with semi-closed loop servo system, the existence of reverse deviation will affect the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool, thus affecting the machining accuracy of the product. For example, in the cutting movement of G01, the reverse deviation will affect the precision of interpolation movement. However, in the rapid positioning movement of G00, the reverse deviation affects the positioning accuracy of the machine tool, which reduces the positioning accuracy among the holes during drilling, boring and other hole processing. At the same time, with the increase of the running time of the equipment, the reverse deviation will increase with the gradual increase of the clearance of the motion pair caused by wear, so it is necessary to measure and compensate the reverse deviation of each coordinate axis of the machine tool regularly.

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