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How to improve the structure of nc plane drilling machine?

Sep. 09, 2019

How to improve the structure of CNC plane drilling machine?

About CNC plane drilling machine, in the previous article also introduced in detail, it is not very high utilization rate in our life, so people do not know much about it, then China CNC Drilling Machine manufacturer would like to teach you how to improve the CNC plane drilling machine structure:

1, reasonable selection of components of the material bed, column and other supporting parts, the machine bed using steel plate welding structure, with weight reduction to improve the demeanor of the significant characteristics. The elastic modulus of steel plate is usually twice that of cast iron.

Reinforcement type gantry makes the rigidity of the machine greatly increased, can guarantee the large cutting quantity.

2, reasonable structure layout form, the longitudinal X-axis movement of the gantry depends on the high precision linear guide rail on both sides of the bed, flexible movement. Reduces deformation caused by dead weight and cutting force.

The horizontal Y-axis movement of the drilling power box relies on two high-precision linear guide guides installed in front of the gantry beam, which are driven by AC servo motor to drive the synchronous belt and precision ball screw to ensure the high precision of work.

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3, Hydraulic Plate Drilling Machine equipped with photoelectric edge finder, convenient to locate the workpiece location.

Plate chain automatic chip eliminator, chip collector, cooling system with paper filter, respectively with high pressure internal cooling pump and low pressure external cooling pump, can be used for tool internal cooling or external cooling, coolant can also be recycled.

In order to avoid problems with the CNC Plate Drillng Machine, it is necessary to debug the CNC drilling machine according to the operation process to ensure the program is suitable. During automatic cycle processing, the protective sliding door should be closed. When the spindle rotates and manual operation is required, the body and clothes should be kept away from rotating and moving parts, so as to avoid the clothes being involved in the accident.

In the operation of CNC drilling machine, the corresponding attention to stability. Remember, hand or automatic knife change, pay attention to the tower, knife library, mechanical arm rotation and tool installation position, body and head should be away from the tool turning parts, so as to avoid injury. To the machining center machine tool, also should pay attention to check the tool house tool set number and tool number of the corresponding relationship, in order to prevent the chaos of the tool house tool number caused by tool change interference or machining collision.

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