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[CNC Machine supplier]Determination of reverse deviation

Jun. 14, 2019

Determination of reverse deviation

China CNC Drilling Machine manufacturer shares that method for determination of the reverse bias: in measuring axis stroke, in advance to move forward or reverse distance and stop position as a benchmark, then move in the same direction for a certain instruction value, to move a distance, and then move in the opposite direction of the same distance, measure the stop position and the difference between the reference position. The three positions near the midpoint of the journey and the two ends are measured for several times (generally seven times), and the average value of each position is calculated. The maximum value of the average value is the reverse deviation measurement value. In the measurement must first move a distance, otherwise cannot obtain the correct reverse deviation value.

When measuring the reverse deviation of the linear motion axis, the measuring tool usually adopts a micrometer or a dial indicator. If conditions permit, dual-frequency laser interferometer can be used for measurement. When using the dial meter or dial meter for measurement, the need to pay attention to the table seat and table rod do not extend too long too high, because of the longer cantilever measurement, table seat easy to force movement, resulting in inaccurate count, compensation value is not true. If the measurement is realized by programming method, it can make the measurement process more convenient and accurate.

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It should be noted that the measured results will be different at different operating speeds of the workbench. In general, the measured value of low speed is larger than that of high speed, especially when the shaft load and motion resistance of the machine tool are large. When moving at a low speed, the working table moves at a low speed and is not easy to overshoot (relatively "reverse clearance"), so the measured value is large. At high speed, the overshoot is easy to occur due to the high working table speed, and the measured value is relatively small.

The reverse deviation of the rotating axis is measured in the same way as that of the straight axis, but with different instruments.

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