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[CNC tubesheet drilling machine] High-speed gantry tubesheet drilling machine

Aug. 29, 2019

[CNC tubesheet drilling machine] High-speed gantry tubesheet drilling machine

CNC tubesheet drilling machine, high-speed gantry tubesheet drilling machine is mainly used for building, bridge, tower and other steel structure industry in the plate workpiece drilling and milling processing, also can be used for boiler, petrochemical industry tubesheet, baffle plate and circular flange drilling and light milling processing; This product is used for drilling through holes, blind holes, step holes, hole end chamfering and workpiece milling. Processing range: 1600×1600mm.

Machine features:

1. Using CNC pillow-type power head (z-axis), the stroke is set in advance according to the workpiece, which can realize the automatic conversion of the drill bit from fast forward to working forward to fast backward. It has the advantages of high processing efficiency, simple structure and low maintenance cost. Delicate structure, easy to use, simple maintenance.

2. The power head spindle adopts Taiwan BT40 internal cold rigid precision spindle, which can use carbide internal cold drill bit with high precision. Equipped with hydraulic cutting cylinder, it is very convenient to load and unload cutting tools. The spindle is driven by the high-power spindle motor through the synchronous belt. The spindle speed is 30 ~ 3000r/min with a wide range of speed.

CNC Drilling Machine For Tubesheets/Flanges

CNC Drilling Machine For Tubesheets/Flanges

3. There are three CNC axes: the movement of the gantry (x axis); The movement of the power head on the beam of the gantry (Y-axis); Feed motion of power head (z axis). Each CNC axis is guided by precision linear rolling guide rail, AC servo motor ball screw drive. Flexible movement and accurate positioning.

4. There are several transverse t-shaped grooves arranged on the work table for clamping fixtures and workpieces.

5. This Tubesheets Drilling Machine is equipped with plate chain automatic chip eliminator and chip collector, collecting iron and cutting fluid.

6. Precision linear roller guide pair, precision ball screw pair and other high-precision motion pairs are equipped with automatic lubrication system.

7. In order to meet the needs of various aperture machining, the machine is equipped with in-line tool storage with a capacity of 5 tools.

8. The numerical control adopts Siemens 808D control, and is equipped with upper computer to facilitate the storage and input of workpiece processing program, with simple operation.

9. The ball screw pair, linear guide rail pair, electrical components, servomotor, frequency converter, etc. configured with this machine are supplied by well-known manufacturers at home and abroad.

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