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Development Trend of Hydraulic System

Feb. 28, 2020

China CNC drilling machine manufacturer shares with you: the development of CNC cold bending machine has promoted the rapid development of the machine tool industry. New hydraulic technologies such as technology and electro-hydraulic servo technology are also developing rapidly. From the current status of research, the development trend of hydraulic systems will be reflected in the following aspects: ⑴ Modern hydraulic technology and microelectronic technology, computer control technology, sensor technology, etc. The new technologies are closely combined to form and develop into an automation technology including transmission, control, and detection.

⑴Currently, hydraulic technology has made significant progress in realizing various requirements such as high pressure, high speed, high power, durability, and high integration; there are also many new achievements in improving the development of proportional control, servo control, and development control technologies. . At the same time, computer aided design (CAD) and testing (CAT) of hydraulic components and hydraulic systems, microcomputer control, electromechanical-hydraulic integration, hydro-electric integration, reliability, pollution control, energy consumption control, etc. are also the development and research of hydraulic technology Direction.

⑵Virtualization uses CAD technology to fully support the entire process of the hydraulic system from conceptual design, product design, performance design, reliability design to detailed design of parts, and computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided analysis (CAE), and computer-aided The integration of process planning (CAPP), computer-aided inspection (CAI), computer-aided testing (CAT), and modern management systems. The establishment of a computer manufacturing system (CIMS) has allowed for a breakthrough development in design and manufacturing technology.

CNC Hydraulic Machine

CNC Hydraulic Machine

(3) Carry out failure prediction of CNC hydraulic machine and implement active maintenance technology. It is necessary to modernize the fault diagnosis of the hydraulic system, strengthen the development and research of the expert system, establish a complete expert knowledge base with learning functions, and use the knowledge in the computer and knowledge base to infer the cause of the failure, propose maintenance plans and preventive measures . To further develop the general tool software for the hydraulic system fault diagnosis expert system, and to develop the hydraulic system self-compensation system, including self-adjustment and self-correction, to compensate before the failure occurs. This is the direction of the hydraulic industry's efforts.

(4) The combination of Wuxi Shenchong digital electronic technology and hydraulic technology. A variety of digital products have been formed by installing electronic control devices in servo valves or changing the structure of the valves. The performance of the valve is controlled by software. By changing the program, it is convenient to change the design scheme and realize digital compensation and other functions.

(5) Miniaturization. With the advancement of hydraulic technology and the intensification of competition, the technology of miniature servo valve has been paid more and more attention for its advantages such as small size, light weight and large unit power. The research focuses on the advantages of increased pressure, the application of advanced materials and composite materials to reduce weight, and the development of casting processes, such as the widespread use of casting runners in valve bodies and manifolds, which can optimize internal component flow and achieve component miniaturization.

⑹Greening reduces energy consumption, leakage control, and pollution control. Development of technologies to reduce internal consumption and throttling losses, as well as non-leakage components, such as pipeless connections, new types of seals, etc .; development of pollution-resistant technologies and new methods of pollution detection for on-line measurement of pollution; pressure biodegradable pressure liquid For example, rapeseed oil-based and synthetic lipid-based transmission media will be widely used to reduce the environmental hazards of oil leakage, adapt to environmental protection, reduce noise and vibration, and have no leakage.

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