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How to maintain high speed drilling machine correctly?

Aug. 20, 2019

How to maintain high speed drilling machine correctly?

CNC tubesheet drilling machine is mainly used for the processing of flanges, heat exchangers and tubesheet parts in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, boiler and other industries. As long as the correct input of CAD design drawings, the spindle can achieve automatic continuous drilling, CNC machining process, high efficiency, high precision, convenient programming, simple operation.

CNC drilling machine High-Speed Clapboard Milling Machine, how to maintain it correctly?

Check the automatic lubrication system of the machine regularly to ensure the normal operation of all parts of the machine.

Two, to regularly check the hydraulic pressure system.

Three, to regularly check the brush and commutator.

Iv. Check the cleanliness of electrical components, such as plugs and sockets, and circuit boards regularly.

Five, when the machine is not in use for a long time, should pay attention to maintenance, can be properly started up and run.

Six, the COMOS RAM memory device has a special battery maintenance circuit. In order to ensure the normal operation of the system during the period without power, the battery should be fully charged.

CNC High-Speed Drilling And Milling Machine For Plates Model PZ 5050G/4040G/3030G/2020G

High-Speed Clapboard Milling Machine

Maintenance of high speed CNC Plate Drillng Machine lead screw and guide rail:

High-speed CNC plane drilling machine bed in high-speed cutting work, its spindle, ball screw, guide rail and other heat will produce the amount of fire, such as not effective cooling, will seriously affect the precision and service life of high-speed CNC plane drilling machine, so how to maintain the CNC plane drilling machine screw and guide rail?

Today here and you share a CNC Plate drilling machine lead screw and guide rail maintenance method:

(1) check and adjust the axial clearance of screw nut regularly to ensure the precision and axial stiffness of reverse transmission;

(2) check regularly whether the connection between the lead screw support and the bed is loose and whether the support bearing is damaged. In case of the above problems, tighten the loose part in time and replace the support bearing;

(3) the use of grease ball screw, every half a year to clean the old grease on the screw, replace the new grease. Lubricated ball screw is lubricated once a day before machine operation.

(4) pay attention to avoid hard dust or chips into the lead screw protective cover and work in the process of hitting the protective cover, a protective device damaged to timely replacement.

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