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How To Maintain CNC Machine Tools?

Nov. 15, 2019

Routine maintenance of CNC lathe

1. Clean and lubricate each guide rail surface every day. For machine tools with automatic lubrication system, regularly check and clean the automatic lubrication system, check the oil volume, add lubricating oil in time, and check whether the oil pump starts and stops regularly.

2. Check whether the automatic lubrication system of the spindle box works normally every day, and change the lubricating oil of the spindle box regularly.

3. Check whether the cooling fan in the electrical cabinet works normally, whether the air duct filter screen is blocked, and clean the dust.

4. Pay attention to check the cooling system, check the liquid level, add oil or water in time, and replace and clean the dirty oil or water.

5. Pay attention to check the main shaft drive belt and adjust the tightness.

6. Pay attention to check the tightness of guide rail insert strip and adjust the clearance.

7. Pay attention to check whether the oil pump in the oil tank of the hydraulic system of the machine tool has abnormal noise, whether the height of the working oil level is appropriate, whether the indication of the pressure gauge is normal, and whether the pipeline and each joint have leakage.

8. Pay attention to check whether the guide rail and machine tool protective cover are complete and effective.

9. Pay attention to check the mechanical accuracy of all moving parts to reduce the deviation of shape and position.

10. Clean the machine tool every day after work, clean the iron scraps and wipe the cooling liquid at the guide rail to prevent the guide rail from rusting.

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 Daily maintenance of hydraulic plate marking machine

1. For l-hl32 / gb1118-89 hydraulic oil, N46 / gb3141 can be used when it is lower than 20 and higher than 30 No. 32 and No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil are recommended for working oil, and the oil temperature is within 15-60 .

2. The oil industry is allowed to add the oil tank after strict filtration.

3. The working fluid shall be replaced once a year, and the first replacement time shall not exceed three months;

4. The sliding block shall be filled with lubricating oil frequently, the exposed surface of the column shall be kept clean frequently, and the oil shall be injected before each work.

5. Under the nominal pressure of 500t, the maximum allowable eccentricity of concentrated load is 40mm. If the eccentricity is too large, the column will be easily strained or other undesirable phenomena will occur.

6. Calibrate and check the pressure gauge every half a year;

7. If the machine is out of service for a long time, the surface of each heater shall be cleaned and coated with antirust oil.

8. End of work every day: put the slider to the lowest position

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