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Classification of CNC machine presses

Apr. 23, 2019

CNC presses into which several categories

CNC punch classification:

According to the structure, Hydraulic Drilling Machine Exporter shares that it can be divided into two categories:

1, open CNC punch: structure shape C, one side is open. Advantages: low cost, convenient workpiece up and down, convenient large sheet metal processing. Defect: low tonnage can only achieve 35 tons, more than 35 tons accuracy decline.

2, closed CNC punch: machine shape O, no open surface. Advantage: can make high tonnage 35 tons and above, good stability. Suitable for high precision sheet metal processing. Defect: cost is higher than the open CNC punch, the upper and lower material must be from the left and right sides of the upper and lower material.

According to the working stamping mode:

1. Mechanical transmission: the impact head is driven by the inertia of the flywheel to press. Advantages: low cost, easy maintenance; Defects: loud noise, tonnage limitations.

2. Hydraulic transmission: press the punching head driven by the motor of the hydraulic cylinder machine. Advantages: low noise, high tonnage; Defects: high cost, need to install personnel maintenance.

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