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Working Principle Of Hydraulic Hammer Pile Driver

Apr. 10, 2019

China CNC Drilling Machine manufacturer tells you that hydraulic hammer pile driver is a new type of pile driver, which is started with diesel fuel and driven by oil pressure, and can be adjusted according to the different soil quality of the stratum to achieve appropriate impact force.

Small and medium-sized hydraulic pile driver, often used for highway fence piling, highway fence construction. Similar piling equipment: hydraulic hammer pile driver, highway pile driver, guardrail pile driver, highway drilling machine.

                                         Thickness 30mm Diameter 38mm Straight Holes                              

Compared with the diesel pile driver, the energy transfer efficiency of the hydraulic hammer pile driver can reach 70%~95%, while the energy transfer efficiency of the diesel hammer pile driver is only 20%~30%. Hydraulic hammer pile driver has excellent performance in reducing noise, vibration and noise, especially suitable for urban construction needs. Hydraulic hammer pile driver has obvious effect of energy saving and emission reduction, which is the mainstream of future development of pile drivers.

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