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How Should Numerical Control Hydraulic Press Encounter Fault to Handle?

Mar. 12, 2020

CNC hydraulic presses will inevitably have failures, so do you know what to do if CNC hydraulic presses encounter failures? China CNC drilling machine manufacturer introduces to you in detail:

Troubleshooting method 1: replacement method.

The same components on the same type, the same structure, and the same principle of the hydraulic machine are replaced (interchanged) installed in the same position, and it can be quickly confirmed whether the replaced component is faulty. The advantage of this method is that even if the repairman's technical level is low, he can quickly apply this method to make a correct judgment and treatment of the failure of the hydraulic machine. However, the application of this method must be conditional on the same type, same structure, same hydraulic principle, and same hydraulic components, so this method has great limitations and certain blindness.Troubleshooting method two: auxiliary method.

Diagnose whether the hydraulic components of the CNC Hydraulic machine are faulty with the help of simple auxiliary parts.

Cnc Hydraulic Machine

Cnc Hydraulic Machine

1. Block the oil port. If the oil ports and cylinder ports of hydraulic valve components are blocked, it can be diagnosed whether these hydraulic components are leaking.

2. Artificial commutation method. Use the ejector lever to reverse the hydraulic valve components, and you can diagnose whether the directional valve is popped up, such as stuck, the spool is not in place and other faults.

This method can diagnose whether the hydraulic components are faulty without disassembling the components, avoiding excessive disassembly work, reducing fault diagnosis time, and facilitating rapid diagnosis, especially for large cylinder seals and other faults. Good practicality.

Troubleshooting method three: empirical method.

Through the master of the hydraulic system theory of the hydraulic press, the maintenance personnel understand the structure and working principle of each hydraulic component, based on rich practical experience, comprehensively analyze the faults generated by the hydraulic press and quickly make a correct diagnosis. To sum up, the general fault parts and their causes of hydraulic machines can be roughly divided into the following four aspects:

1. Improper adjustment of hydraulic components, such as errors caused by pressure and flow adjustment of hydraulic pumps, oil motors, sequence valves, directional valves, relief valves, unloading valves, balancing valves;

2.Damaged sealing elements or impurities prevent the hydraulic components from working properly;

3.Wear or damage of hydraulic components, such as valve components seal failure, spring failure, too large or too small clearance, etc .;

4. The hydraulic machine's electrical control mechanism fails, such as: relay failure, poor or damaged button contact, incorrect installation of electromagnet, etc.



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