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[CNC machine for sale]Why does the punching machine use hydraulic pressure?

May. 17, 2019

Why does the Punching And Cutting Machine use hydraulic pressure?

Hydraulic punching and cuting machine is a kind of punching and shearing machine using hydraulic transmission as the prime power. So why use hydraulic transmission?

Hydraulic transmission is a transmission mode that USES liquid as working medium to transfer energy and control. It is a new technology developed according to the hydrostatic transmission principle put forward by PASCAL in the 17th century. It is mainly used for hydraulic punching and shearing machine, hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine, multi-function punching and shearing machine, etc.

The basic principle of hydraulic transmission, hydraulic system of the Hydraulic Plate Punching Machine using hydraulic pump can prime mover's mechanical energy is converted into a liquid pressure, the transfer of energy through the change of liquid pressure can, through a variety of control valves and pipeline transmission, by means of hydraulic actuators (hydraulic cylinder or motor), the liquid pressure can be converted into mechanical energy, and thus drive work mechanism, realize the straight line reciprocating motion and rotary motion. The liquid known as the working medium, generally mineral oil, its role and mechanical transmission belt, chain and gear and other transmission elements similar.

Because of these advantages of hydraulic transmission, the hydraulic punching and shearing machine chooses hydraulic pressure. With hydraulic power, the machine is more powerful, safer operation, light weight, low noise, high efficiency, cost saving, beautiful section, become the industry of choice for the production of machinery.

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