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Punching Machine - Torch Into Mechanical - Hydraulic Punching Machine

Dec. 18, 2019

Comparison of punch and drill:

Drilling is the process of drilling a hole in the processing material with a drill, while punching is the process of punching a hole under the drill by gravity.

Punching machine is suitable for processing soft materials, because the hole drilled by drilling machine will have burr, punching machine security net, not smooth.

Drillers are suitable for processing hard materials because of the impact of h-beam drilling machines, which tend to crack the material.

Routine maintenance ofhydraulic punching machine

First, after the use of the first power outage, and then clean the table and mold between the waste and butter lubrication.

2. Clean the iron filings on the frame and guide rod, and add lubricating oil for maintenance after cleaning.

Replace the gear oil in the punch drive gear box. Generally, the new machine should be replaced after half a month of continuous operation, and then every three months after use. The gear box oil should be replaced with gb 460 gear oil.

Four, to regularly mill and replace the punch, because the long term does not replace the punch die loss; It is easy to lead to bad punch, resulting in burr cooling or unsatisfactory punch during the punching process, thus shortening the service life of the punch.

Comparison between punch and hydraulic plate punching machine:

Punch and punch processing objects are largely similar, punch is divided into ordinary punch, fast punch and so on, because the punch needs a feeding system, so the volume is generally relatively large.

The new generation of high speed hydraulic security net, guardrail, door flower, shelf punching machine, the machine in the stainless steel processing market to get a very warm welcome and affirmation.Compared with the traditional hand press and bench drill, both in the structure and performance have a great breakthrough.Hydraulic high speed security net punching machine a day can punch 400-500 square square security net, is the current stainless steel pipe punching processing equipment. .The machine can be customized for multiple working positions, with the characteristics of simple and convenient disassembly mold, durable mold, novice easy to use.The mold with the scale, convenient direct reading, can be debugging punching half hole or full hole, punching formation without burr, accurate positioning, can produce a variety of new anti-theft net (diamond anti-theft net, plum tube anti-theft net, garden pipe square pipe anti-theft net, can also do door flower, guardrail, shelves and other punching use).It is the ideal processing equipment for stainless steel processing households and other pipe processing businesses.

Production of stainless steel pipe punching machine advantages of simple operation handling die faster than traditional artificial drilling holes for 8 to 10 times, is to resolve the use manual operation laborious ideal equipment, products widely used in the individual stores and small and medium-sized stainless steel doors and Windows, fence, anti-theft doors and Windows production, solve the defects of the current operation process, improve work efficiency, reduce operating costs, is economic and practical equipment.

Hydraulic Punching And Drilling Machine

Hydraulic Punching And Drilling Machine

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