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Steel structure processing equipment

Jul. 25, 2019

Steel structure processing equipment

In today's production and life, the steel structure is more and more widely applied to the factories, stadiums, convention and exhibition center and high-rise buildings, and other fields, because of the high strength of steel structure, light weight, quick construction, seismic performance is good wait for an advantage, so in the construction of steel structure building in the proportion of more and more is also big, therefore, the steel structure processing industry is becoming more and more fire, in order to improve the efficiency of the steel structure processing, customers on the steel structure processing equipment, CNC plane drilling requirements of more and more is also high.

CNC Heating/Cold Bending Machine for Angles And Plates

Jinan falt nc machinery co., LTD. Production of drilling, CNC plane drilling machine specially used for steel structure using Siemens 808 d nc system operation, powerful functions, programming is flexible, fast, high efficiency and easy maintenance, the CNC plane drilling machine is equipped with four processing position, 12 hydraulic clamping pliers, can install four set pieces, when drilling can unloading workpieces at the same time. This not only saves manpower, but also greatly reduces the processing time, CNC plane drilling machine in the present production, has become the steel structure processing industry essential production equipment.

Jinan falt nc machinery co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of steel structure processing equipment manufacturers, the main equipment has CNC plane drilling machine, CNC 3 d drilling machine, CNC Angle line, CNC Heating Bending Machine for Anglehydraulic punching machine For Angle, CNC high speed drilling machine and other advanced equipment, mainly used for nc machining, molding, plate fully embodies the multifunctional, automatic continuous production process.

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