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How Much Do You Know About CNC Machine?

Nov. 22, 2019

Characteristics and composition of CNC machine:

1. Characteristics

(1) flexible high flexibility is flexible, universal and versatile, which can be used to process parts of different shapes.

(2) high precision, because the machining of the CNC machine is controlled by computer, human error is avoided in the process of machining. In addition, the transmission system and structure of the machine have high precision and rigidity. Therefore, the repetitive precision of the CNC machine is high, and high machining precision and stable machining quality can be obtained.

(3) the efficiency of high-efficiency CNC machine tools is 3 ~ 4 times or even dozens of times that of ordinary machine tools.

(4) low labor intensity because the parts are processed automatically on the CNC machine tool according to the prepared processing program, the operator only needs to operate the keyboard, load and unload parts, test parts and observe the operation of the machine tool, so the labor intensity of the operator is greatly reduced.

CNC Machine

2. Form

The CNC machine tool consists of the following four parts:

(1) the host machine is the main body of the CNC machine tool, mainly composed of several mechanical parts, including the bed, spindle box, workbench, feed mechanism, automatic tool change device, etc.

(2) the numerical control device is the control core of the numerical control machine tool, which is generally composed of a special computer.

(3) the driving device of the driving device is the driving component of the actuator of the CNC machine tool, including the spindle motor, the feed servo motor, etc.

(4) the auxiliary device of the auxiliary device is some supporting parts of the numerical control machine tool, such as the automatic tool setting part, the automatic chip removal part, etc.

The following principles should be mastered in fault diagnosis of CNC High-Speed angle marking machine

CNC High-Speed angle marking machine

1.external before internal

The reliability of the modern CNC system is getting higher and higher, the failure rate of the CNC system itself is getting lower and lower, and most of the failures are caused by nonsystem reasons. Because the CNC machine tool is a set of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical as one of the machine tools, its failure will also be reflected by these three. Try to avoid opening and disassembling at will, otherwise, it will enlarge the fault, make the machine lose precision and performance.

2. Mechanical before electrical

Generally speaking, mechanical faults are easy to detect, while the diagnosis of the numerical control system and electrical faults is more difficult. Before troubleshooting, first of all, pay attention to eliminate mechanical faults.

3. static before dynamic

The machine tool can be powered on only after the machine tool is in the static state of power-off, through understanding, observation, testing and analysis, and it is confirmed that the power on will not cause fault expansion and accidents.

4. Simple before complex

When there are many kinds of faults interweave with each other and there is no way to start at the moment, we should solve the easy problems first and then the difficult problems. 

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