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Mid-Autumn festival - A traditional Chinese festival

Sep. 12, 2019

 As a China CNC Drilling Machine manufacturer, today we would like to share you the Mid-Autumn festival, one of our traditional Chinese festivals.

The Mid-Autumn festival, also known as the moon festival, autumn festival, midautumn festival, August festival, August festival, chasing the month festival, playing on the month festival, worship on the month festival, girls' festival or reunion festival, is popular in China's many ethnic and Chinese cultural circle of traditional cultural festivals, when the lunar August 15; Because it is just worth the half of the autumn, so some places will set the Mid-Autumn festival on August 16.

The Mid-Autumn festival began in the early tang dynasty and prevailed in the song dynasty. Under the influence of Chinese culture, Mid-Autumn festival is also a traditional festival in some countries of east Asia and southeast Asia, especially the local Chinese and overseas Chinese. The Mid-Autumn festival has been listed as a national statutory holiday since 2008. On May 20, 2006, the state council listed the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn festival has the custom of offering sacrifices to the moon, appreciating the moon, worships the moon, eats the moon cake, appreciates the osmanthus blossom, drinks the osmanthus blossom wine and so on. The Mid-Autumn festival with the moon round sign of reunion, for the sustenance of homesickness, homesickness of loved ones, pray for a bumper harvest, happiness, become rich, precious cultural heritage. Mid-Autumn festival and Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, tomb-sweeping day and known as China's four traditional festivals.

Mid-Autumn festival

Mid-Autumn festival

Fairy tale - chang e rush to the moon

Ancient time sky has ten days to appear at the same time, bask in the sun crops die, the people are not very happy, a hero named houyi, the strength is boundless, he sympathizes with the suffering of the people, pull open god bow, shoot down more than nine SUNS, and order the last sun to rise and fall on time, for the benefit of the people. His wife's name was chang 'e. Houyi in addition to chuanyi hunting, all day and his wife together. Many people of lofty ideals come to join the teacher, peng meng also mixed in.

One day, hou yi went to the kunlun mountains to visit his friends and ask for a package of elixir. It is said that taking this medicine can instantly ascend to heaven and become an immortal. However, hou yi was reluctant to leave his wife behind and gave the elixir to chang 'e to collect. Chang e hid the medicine in a treasure chest on the dresser. Three days later, houyi led the disciples out hunting, the heart with evil intentions peng meng pretended to be ill, did not go out. After yi led the people to go soon, peng meng with a sword into the backyard of the house, forcing chang e to surrender the medicine. Chang e knew she was no match for peng meng, so she turned to open her treasure chest and swallowed the elixir. Chang e swallowed the medicine, the body immediately floated away from the ground, out of the window, flew to the sky. Because chang 'e is concerned about her husband, she flew to the nearest moon from the earth and became immortal.

In the evening, houyi returned home, the maid cried about what happened during the day. Houyi both surprised and angry, take the sword to kill the evil man, peng meng had fled, houyi beat his chest, heartbroken, looking up at the night sky to call chang e, then he found that today's moon is particularly bright and bright, and there is a shaking figure like chang e. Houyi miss his wife, then sent people to chang e love in the back garden, put on the incense table, chang e usually love to eat honey food fresh fruit, remote offering in the moon chang e. The people heard that chang e into the moon after the news, have on the incense table, to the good chang e pray for good luck and peace. Since then, the Mid-Autumn festival worship on the customs of the folk spread.

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