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Operation process of angle marking machine

Nov. 09, 2019

1. during the angle marking machine works, pay attention, strictly abide by the equipment operation procedures, and ensure safe operation.

2, cut off the power supply before adjusting the equipment.

3. according to the size requirements of product specifications, make accurate adjustment. Special tools shall be used for adjustment, with care and safety.

4. before the CNC High-Speed angle marking machine working, the feeder shall be adjusted to the same straight line and parallel to the working shaft. According to the width of the paperboard to be cut, determine the position of the backup plate, two slotting wheels and each indentation roller.

5. when installing the thin knife, it shall be compacted. After ensuring that the radian of the blade is consistent with that of the slotted wheel, tighten the screws of the pressing plate.

6. adjust the bottom shaft cutter base, and avoid excessive pressure. The blade shall be cut off slightly after contacting with the cardboard. Adjust it slightly to avoid damaging the cutterbed and blade. After proper adjustment, there is no need to move again without special circumstances.

7. Before starting the machine, remove all items on the equipment, check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the chain is properly tightened. Then manually turning, check whether the installation of the knife and the pressure of the paper feeding indentation roller are appropriate. After no problem, say hello to the staff of the same flight crew and prepare to start up.

Drilling Machine

Drilling Machine

8. When starting the machine, make sure that the oil level of the exposed oil cup is appropriate, then start the machine and run at a low speed. Observe for abnormal rotation. When all transmission parts are fully lubricated and the machine rotates without abnormal noise, the working speed will be increased. In case of failure, stop the machine for maintenance immediately.

9.Before production, trial production shall be carried out in advance. After checking several products continuously and confirming that they meet the requirements, they can be formally produced. Pay attention to observation during production. Similar to the trial production process, check every five minutes. If any problem is found, shut down the machine for adjustment.

10. frequently check whether the parts are worn or not in conformity with the requirements. If there is any problem, repair or replace it in time.

11. Pay attention to machine maintenance and lubrication.

Ensure the oil level in the oil tank and drip regularly.

The transmission slider of feeder shall be oiled once per shift;

The connecting gear should be lubricated frequently. The running bearing shall be overhauled every six months to one year. Top up with calcium based butter. 

12. All shafts shall be kept clean and wiped with engine oil regularly. 

13. Shut down the machine according to the specified procedures after the completion of production. Cut off the power supply.

14. Before starting the machine, wipe the machine, keep hands clean during the work, and clean the surrounding after the work.

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