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[Perforated Metal Sieve Plate Supplier China]What should I pay attention to when installing?

May. 14, 2019

What should I pay attention to when installing?Shared by Perforated Metal Sieve Plate Supplier China.

1.  We can cut or punch calcium silicate plates according to the design requirements in the drawings, and replace the corners of plates at the installation site according to the actual situation. In order to better deal with the joint problem, must be replaced on the spot plate of the horizontal joint of the short side of the Angle.

2. Want to be on plank clear mark the place that fastens with screw, its diameter must exceed bolt head diameter when drilling to plank, better should exceed one to 2 millimeter, the depth of the hole should maintain in the range of one to 2 millimeter.

[Perforated Metal Sieve Plate Supplier China]What should I pay attention to when installing?cid=4

3. Must be longitudinal shop partition board, but also the board long side fixed on the dragon bone; To natural docking plate, do not force to pull the plate to let them close; Joints on both sides of the wall shall not appear on the same keel.

4.  Should drill good hole beforehand on plank and keel, the diameter of empty should small screw diameter one millimeter, want to begin from the middle of plank first when fixing plank, be in next of fixed plank all round, should nail screw head a millimetre place in plank.

5. The juncture of the plank around should assure installation door window is not perpendicular contact keel, such often switch door window also won't have crack to appear.

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