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Problems to be aware of when purchasing CNC machine tools

Oct. 31, 2019

According to the specification, size and precision of the product, when selecting the CNC machine tool to select the CNC machine tool function, the excessive pursuit of CNC machine tool axis number, work table and motor power, processing precision, and complete functions, the more complicated the system, the reliability low. The purchase cost and maintenance cost will increase, and the processing cost will increase accordingly.

CNC machine tools should be based on the typical parts that need to be machined. Although the CNC beam sawing machines are highly flexible and adaptable, only certain parts can be processed under certain conditions to achieve the best results. Therefore, before determining the equipment to be purchased, you must first determine the typical parts to be machined.

The selection of the numerical control system should be reasonable to consider in detail the numerical control system that can meet the performance parameter requirements and reliability indicators, and should consider the ease of operation, programming, maintenance and management. Try to be centralized and unified. If it is not a special case, try to use the same series of CNC systems that are familiar to the unit and that are produced by the same manufacturer for future management and maintenance.

CNC Hydraulic Punching and Drilling Machines

CNC Hydraulic Punching and Drilling Machine

Configuring the necessary accessories and tools In order to fully utilize the functions of the CNC machine and enhance its machining capabilities, the necessary accessories and tools must be configured. It is forbidden to spend a few hundred thousand yuan or a million machine purchased from a machine tool. Due to the lack of a tens of dollars of accessories or knives, it can not be used normally. When purchasing the host, purchase some wearing parts and other accessories.

Foreign metal cutting experts believe that the efficiency of a CNC high-speed angle drilling machine valued at $ 250,000 depends to a large extent on the performance of a $30 end mill. It can be seen that the CNC machine is equipped with a tool with good performance. It is one of the key measures to reduce costs and obtain maximum comprehensive economic benefits. Generally, the CNC machine tool should be equipped with enough tools to fully utilize the functions of the CNC machine tool, so that the selected CNC machine tool can process multiple product varieties to prevent unnecessary idle and waste.

Pay attention to the installation, commissioning and acceptance of CNC machine tools. After the CNC machine tool enters the factory, it must be carefully installed and debugged, which is very important for future operation, maintenance and management. During the installation, commissioning and commissioning of CNC drilling machines, technicians actively participated and carefully studied the technical training and on-site guidance of the suppliers. Comprehensive acceptance of the geometric accuracy, positioning accuracy, cutting accuracy, and machine tool performance of CNC machine tools. Check the various technical materials, manuals, maintenance manuals, accessories manuals, computer software and manuals carefully, and keep them in a safe place. Otherwise, some additional functions will not be developed in the future and the maintenance and maintenance of the machine will be difficult. . Finally, we must fully consider the after-sales service, technical support, personnel training, data support, software support, installation and commissioning, spare parts supply, tool system and machine tool accessories of CNC machine tool manufacturers.

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