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Processing Technology Of Angle Hydraulic Punching Machine

Feb. 12, 2020

China CNC Drilling Machine manufacturer shares that CNC machine tool is short for digital control machine tool, is an automatic machine tool equipped with program control system.

China CNC drilling machine manufacturer share for you:

1: When drilling with a drill, you need to mark the positioning, and the pipe is easily deformed and damaged when you punch. With this machine, you will no longer worry about drilling, no longer worry about the difficulty of drilling, and no longer It is necessary to pay by the teacher to go drilling.

2: He can not only make round holes quickly, but also square holes, so that you can diversify your product styles. There is no longer only a round tube anti-theft network, which will increase your market competitiveness!

3: This machine has a scale on its own, so you can punch very beautiful holes quickly and accurately without punching when punching. It is no longer worrying about inaccurate punching and difficult to control.

Advantages of hydraulic punching machine for angle:

4: This machine mold uses the national standard mold steel material, and the materials meet national standards! And the punching needle is an extended punching needle, which makes the punching longer and reduces your cost of use!

5: This machine is simple and easy to learn, ordinary workers (small workers) can quickly learn to use, there is no need to pay by the teacher to operate, you can let the teacher to do more important things, reduce your labor costs, and reduce the cost of the teacher Labor intensity can better retain talents!

6: The unique design of the punching mold structure makes it easier and more convenient for the operator to punch and string the pipe, and also reduces the friction between the pipe material and the mold. The cost of secondary surface treatment. Workers' punching has become easier, and the labor intensity has been reduced, which makes it easier for you to recruit and retain people at the same salary, thereby enhancing your talent competitiveness!

 Hydraulic Punching Machine For Angle

 Hydraulic Punching Machine For Angle

Electric punching machine is suitable for: square pipe, round pipe, anti-theft net, door flower, aluminum alloy pipe, stair handrail, galvanized pipe fence, sliding gate, etc. The processing of punching is reasonable, the hydraulic punching machine is complete and integrated, and the mold replacement is more convenient and quick. Scope of application: medium and small stainless steel anti-theft net doors and windows processing plant.

One-on-one mold made of special steel materials for mold steel. After the vacuum heat treatment of the mold steel, the internal structure is very finely and uniformly arranged. The hardness and toughness reach high standards. During repeated, high-frequency metal parts stamping, the mold properties are still stable. Order effect!

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