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Safety specification of punching and shearing machine

Jun. 28, 2019

Safety specification of punching and shearing machine shared by China CNC Drilling Machine manufacturer.

1. Before starting, check whether the transmission parts of the punching and shearing machine and the connecting screws and pin shafts of each part are loose. Whether electrical grounding is sound.

2. Before work, lubricate each part, start the test for two to three minutes, no problem can be put into work.

3. Do not overload, quenching steel is strictly prohibited punching shear.

4. Gloves and labor protection articles should be worn when working. Sandals and slippers are strictly prohibited.

5. When punching shear should often give the punching equipment oiling, strictly prevent the up and down of the punching equipment askew.

6. When feeding should pay attention to the safety of fingers, especially when the plate rushed to the end pressure foot pressure on the plate, do not punch shear.

7. Do not disassemble, calibrate cutting edge and punch when driving. Do not hit the die, cutting edge and other parts.

8. Strictly control the specification range of sheet material. Punching and shearing are strictly prohibited when exceeding.

9. Other articles and large amount of punching materials shall not be piled up in the workplace. Parking must be stopped during adjustment and cleaning.

10. After the work is finished, stop the machine in time, power off, and clean up the site.

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