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What Are The Components Of a Processing Center?

Apr. 04, 2019

Today China CNC Drilling Machine Manufacturer would like to introduce the main structure of the machining center.

1. Casting parts. It is the foundation structure of the machining center, by the bed, column and work table, etc., they are the first to accept the static load of the machining center and cutting load in the processing, so must have to meet the stiffness. These large pieces can be cast iron or welded into the steel structure, they are the processing center in the largest volume and weight of the components.

2. Spindle parts. It is composed of spindle box, spindle motor, spindle and spindle bearing, etc. Spindle start, stop and change speed and other actions are controlled by the numerical control system, and after installed in the spindle tool to participate in the cutting movement, is the cutting power output parts. It is the key component of machining center, the machining accuracy that its resolution machining center reachs stability.


3. Numerical control system. The CNC part of the machining center is made up of CNC equipment, PLC, servo drive equipment and operation panel.

4. Active tool changing system. By the knife library, manipulator, drive mechanism and other components. When the need for tool change, the CNC system issued instructions, by the manipulator (or through other means) will be removed from the cutter into the main shaft hole. It processes the workpiece after a clamping multi working procedure processing, between the working procedure and the working procedure the cutting tool active storage picks the transportation and the exchange mission. The tool holder (cutter plate) is the equipment for storing all the tools used in the processing process. There are disc type, chain type and so on, the capacity from several to several hundred. The structure of the cutter arm depends on the relative orientation and structure of the cutter base and the spindle. Some machining centers do not use the tool arm and directly use the spindle box or the movement of the tool to complete the tool change.

5. Auxiliary equipment. Includes lubrication, cooling, chip removal, protection, hydraulic, pneumatic and testing systems. Although these devices of the Stainless Steel Tapping Machine do not directly participate in the cutting movement, but the machining center processing power, processing accuracy and reliability plays a role in ensuring, and therefore is not the right part of the machining center.

6.APC active tray ac system. Some machining center into an unmanned or end in order to further shorten the processing time, adopt more active communication operation way of storing artifacts, a processing workpiece installation on the operating table, the other one or several work station to loading and unloading of other parts, when the end of a work platform of parts processing, and communicate actively work station, with new parts processing, it can reduce auxiliary time, improve the processing power.

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