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Do You Know The Difference Between Drilling Machine, Milling Machine And Boring Machine?

Jan. 18, 2020

China cnc drilling machine manufacturer to share with you: The drilling machine is a machine tool that uses a drill to make holes in the workpiece. It is usually used to process holes with smaller size and less precision. During the machini of the drilling machine, the workpiece is generally fixed, the tool performs the main rotation motion, and at the same time the feed motion is performed along the axis. The drilling machine can complete drilling, reaming, reaming and tapping. Its maximum parameter is the maximum drilling diameter. The main types of drilling machines include bench drilling machines, vertical drilling machines, radial drilling machines, deep hole drilling machines and so on.

Cnc Drilling Machine

Cnc Drilling Machine

Vertical drilling machine:

It is mainly composed of a headstock 3, a feed box 4, a table 1, a column 5, and a base 6. During processing, the workpiece is mounted on the workbench directly or through a fixture, and the main shaft is rotated by the motor through a speed-change system. At the same time, the feed box makes the main shaft move axially with the main shaft sleeve. Adjust the up and down positions along the column to meet the requirements of processing different height workpieces. In addition, the operating mechanism mounted on the gearbox can be used to achieve manual rapid lifting, manual feed, and on and off of the motorized feed.

After machining a hole on a vertical drilling machine and then processing another hole, it is necessary to move the workpiece so that the tool is aligned with the center of the hole being processed. The operation is very inconvenient. Production of medium and small parts.

Variations of vertical drilling machines include multi-head vertical drilling machines, row multi-axis vertical drilling machines, etc., as shown in Figure 1.2-9 to Figure 1.2-11. They are equivalent to the combination of several single-axis vertical drilling machines, which are used to sequentially drill different diameter holes on the same workpiece or sequentially drill, expand, ream and other different processes on the same hole. Because it can save the time of changing tools, it is mainly used in the production of small and medium-sized workpieces.

Rocker drilling machine:

The rocker drilling machine is a drilling machine that rotates and lifts the rocker around a column, and the headstock moves horizontally on the rocker. It is widely used in the processing of large and medium-sized parts. It is mainly composed of an inner column, an outer column, a swing arm, a headstock and a base. The headstock is mounted on the swing arm and can be moved horizontally along the guide rail of the swing arm. The rocker arm is set on the outer column and can be moved up and down along the outer column to meet the requirements of processing different height workpieces. In addition, the rocker arm can also be rotated around the inner column by 180 degrees with the outer column, so the spindle can be easily adjusted to the required processing position. In order to maintain a fixed position of the spindle during processing, the rocker drilling machine has a clamping mechanism for the column, the swing arm and the spindle box. When the position of the spindle is adjusted, the spindle can be quickly clamped.

Other variants of radial drilling machines, such as universal radial drilling machines, swing arms and headstock can be rotated or tilted, allowing the spindle to be drilled in any direction in space. This machine tool is suitable for heavy machinery, rolling stock, ships and boilers Manufacturing large workpieces in manufacturing.

CNC drilling machine:

CNC drilling machine is mainly used to process holes and hole systems with position accuracy requirements. It can perform drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping and other processes. The X, Y, and Z axes are controlled by the CNC system and stepper motor. High precision. The machine tool series has good rigidity, simple programming, convenient operation and reliable use, and is suitable for all industries, especially small and medium batches and multiple varieties of machining.


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