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Do You Know The Hydraulic Punching Machine?

Feb. 05, 2020

Comparison of punching machine and drilling machine:

Drilling is the process of using a drill to drill holes in the processed material, while punching is the process of punching the drill down to form a hole by gravity.

The punching machine is suitable for processing soft materials, because the holes drilled by the drilling machine will be burr and uneven.

The drilling machine is suitable for processing hard materials, because the punching force of the punching machine often causes cracks in the processed material.

Daily use and maintenance of hydraulic punching machine for angle

First, cut off the power and stop after use, and then clean the waste between the workbench and the mold and grease it.

Second, clean up the iron filings on the rack and the guide rod, and then lubricate after maintenance.

Third, replace the gear oil in the gear box of the punch drive. Generally, new machines should be replaced for half a month of continuous operation, and replaced every three months in the future. The gear box lubricant is GB 460.

Fourth, the punches should be milled and replaced on a regular basis. Due to the long-term failure to replace the punches, it is prone to die loss; it is easy to cause unfavorable punches, causing burrs to cool during the punching process, or unsatisfactory punching, resulting in shortened punch life.

Comparison of punching and punching machines:

The processing objects of punches and punching machines are largely similar. Punches are divided into ordinary punches and fast punches. Since punches require a feeding system, they are generally bulky.

Developed a new generation of hydraulic high-speed anti-theft nets, guardrails, door flowers, shelf punching machines, punching machines, this machine has been very warmly welcomed and affirmed in the stainless steel processing market. Compared with traditional hand presses and bench drills, both in structure and performance have made great breakthroughs.

Hydraulic high-speed anti-theft net punching machine can punch 400-500 square meters of anti-theft net per person per day. It is currently a fast equipment for punching stainless steel pipes. The machine can be customized with multiple working positions, and has the advantages of simple and convenient disassembly of the mold, durable mold, easy to use for novices and so on.

Hydraulic Punching Machine For Angle

Hydraulic Punching Machine For Angle

The mold is equipped with a scale, which is convenient for direct reading. It can be debugged to punch half holes or full holes. The punching is flat and free of burrs. Anti-theft nets can also be used for punching door flowers, guardrails, shelves, etc.). It is an ideal processing equipment for stainless steel processing houses and other pipe processing businesses.

China CNC drilling machine manufacturer believes that the production of stainless steel pipe punching machine has the advantages of simple operation and fast loading and unloading of the mold, which is 8-10 times higher than the traditional manual drilling machine. It is a time-consuming and labor-intensive solution to the current manual operation. Ideal equipment, products are widely used in the production of individual stores and small and medium-sized stainless steel doors and windows, guardrails, anti-theft doors and windows, solve the defects of the current operating process, improve operating efficiency, reduce operating costs, and are economic and practical equipment.

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