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The difference between vertical drilling machine and bench drilling machine

Oct. 17, 2019

China CNC drilling machine manufacturer today introduce you to vertical drilling machines and bench drilling machines.

The function of the vertical drilling machine: the vertical drilling machine can automatically feed, its power and mechanical strength allow a higher cutting amount, so the drilling machine can obtain higher labor productivity and obtain higher machining accuracy. The spindle speed and feed rate of the vertical drilling machine have a large range of variation, which can be adapted to the processing of tools of different materials on workpieces of different materials. It can adapt to the needs of various processes such as drilling, boring, reaming and tapping. It can be equipped with a multi-axis transmission head on the vertical drilling machine. It can drill several dozen vertical holes. The performance characteristics of the vertical drilling machine can be Used as a special machine for mass production.

The bench drill is referred to as a bench drill. It is a small-hole machine that is small in size and easy to operate. It is usually installed on a special workbench. Bench drills are typically drilled to a diameter of less than 13 mm and generally no more than 25 mm. The spindle shifting is generally achieved by changing the position of the V-belt on the tower pulley, which is manually operated.

The difference between a bench drill and a vertical drill is that the bench drill uses a tower pulley for shifting, while the vertical drill uses a gear set for shifting. In addition, the power of the vertical drill is relatively large, it can drill relatively large holes, and it can also be driven automatically. It can be reversed and can be tapped. The bench drill can only be drilled. Drills can only be drilled with a straight shank drill using a drill chuck. Some bench drills can also be drilled with a small taper shank. Since the pulley is used for rotation, the drill bit is too large and the pulley will slip. Vertical drills, straight shank drills, drill cones, and vertical drills can be used with different shank drills. They can also be tapped and reamed for a wide range of applications.

The bench drill is mounted on the workbench. Generally, the hole with small diameter and low precision requirement can be tapped. When changing the spindle speed, the position of the belt is generally changed (on a pair of tower wheels).

The vertical drill is installed on the ground and has high rigidity. In addition to the processing task of the bench drill, it can also process the hole with larger diameter and higher precision. The spindle shifting is operated by the “shift lever”, which is simple and convenient. . Vertical drills can use drill bits for bench drills, while bench drills do not necessarily use drill bits for vertical drills.

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The difference between vertical drilling machine and bench drilling machine

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